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  • Get creative with your DIY felt crafts using Cosmo glitter! This unique polyester glitter is solvent resistant and comes in a mesmerizing purple and blue color-shifting design. Sold in 1 and 2 oz resealable bags, this custom mix will add a one-of-a-kind sparkle to your crafting projects.

    Cosmo/color shifting glitter/custom mix

    • We make every effort to present the true color of the product. However, color may vary depending on the material, camera used, and/or the device used to view the product.

      The buyer assumes responsibility for the product once purchased. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process in a factory the seller cannot ensure zero cross-contamination. Products are manufactured in a factory with other product lines and there is occasional cross-contamination. The buyer is responsible to ensure their product is free of any random particles prior to use. It is suggested that the buyer inspects the product upon receiving.

      Once received it is the buyer’s responsibility to use the product correctly to ensure the most optimal outcome. Misuse of the products will not result in money-back or exchange.

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