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**Large Container 3/$22.99**

**Medium Container 3/$17.99**

**Small Container 3/$12.99**

LIVE PICKS/ 5mm Flat Back Transparent Rhinestones for your DIY projects! Choose from a variety of colors and jar sizes. Each jar of these specialty DIY supplies contains 5mm flat back transparent rhinestones, perfect for adding some sparkle to your projects.

Our large jar weighs 7 ounces, medium is 5 ounces and small is only 2 ounces - perfect for personal or smaller scale projects.

With these rhinestones, you can create unique designs on a variety of surfaces like phone cases, clothing or even accessories. What are you waiting for? Add some bling to your next project with LIVE PICKS/ Flat Back Jelly Rhinestones!

LIVE PICKS/ 5mm Flat Transparent Jelly Rhinestones

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