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  • *Available as a Bundle or Separate**

    This bundle of skinny straight blank sublimation tumblers is perfect for your next creative project. Made of durable stainless steel, these tumblers are ideal for both hot and cold transfers. Choose from either a pack of 5 30oz tumblers or a pack of 5 20oz tumblers to suit your needs. Each tumbler is ready to be customized with your unique design or company logo.

    Key Features:

    - Bundle includes 5 (30oz) or 5 (20oz) blank sublimation tumblers

    - Made from high-quality stainless steel

    - Suitable for heat and cold transfers

    - Perfect canvas for customization

    These skinny straight blank sublimation tumbler bundles are an excellent choice for personalized gifts, promotional items, or just adding some flair to your daily routine. With their sleek design and high-quality construction, they'll be sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on them.

    So don't hesitate - grab a bundle today and let your creativity run wild!

    ** 20 Oz bundle comes with a plastic and metal straw, cleaning brush and rubber bottom attachment.

    ** 30 Oz bundle comes with just a plastic straw.

    20 and 30 Oz Sublimation Tumbler

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