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**Only Can Be Purchased During TikTok Live**



Get ready to add some sparkle to your life with our Maniac Glitter Box! This box is a must-have for anyone who loves crafts and DIY projects. With a variety of glitters included, you'll have endless options for adding some bling to your creations.


The glitters in the box come in different colors, sizes, and sparkle levels, giving you plenty of choices for any project. From basic glitter accents to full-on glitter designs, this box has everything you need.


Don't miss out on this great deal! Join our live now and get your hands on the Maniac Glitter Box. Trust us - it's worth it!


This box will come with

8 different glitters, ranging from different colors, shapes and sparkle !

Maniac Glitter Box ( Random Glitter Selection)

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