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  • Elevate your crafting game with our Pearl Rhinestone Mix! This exquisite mix is a stunning collection of pearls and rhinestones in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you're working on a DIY project or adding some glam to your accessories, this mix is sure to add just the right touch of elegance.

    With three different sizes available, 1 Oz, 2 Oz or even 7 Oz, you can choose the perfect amount for your needs. Each mix includes an assortment of pearls and rhinestones in different colors that are sure to complement any design.

    These high-quality pieces are perfect for adding some sparkle to clothing items such as dresses, jackets or even shoes! You can also use them on accessories such as bags or headbands. With this Pearl Rhinestone Mix at hand, the possibilities are endless!

    So why wait? Get creative with our Pearl Rhinestone Mix today and add that extra touch of sophistication to any project!

    Pearl Rhinestone Mix

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